Greens must not repeat Lib Dem mistakes on race

GreenPartyBlogPix-finalOpinion polls currently have the Greens roughly neck-and-neck with the Lib Dems, between five and nine per cent, suggesting Natalie Bennett’s party could be set for a bumper general election result in just over four months’ time, in terms of their overall popular vote anyway.

Viewed in context, popular support for the Greens today is less than half the level that they enjoyed in the 1989 European elections (15%) however there are crucial differences that will give them hope that at the coming general election they may enjoy their best result yet.

The Greens are a different proposition compared to 25 years ago. Less reliant on environmental issues they trade more as ‘real Labour’, a radical Left alternative not afraid to challenge the Lib-Lab-Con triopoly who are all squeezing into a similar space on the Right of the spectrum on immigration and austerity cuts.

Large swathes of the public can…

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